Avast For Mac Review 2015


avast! Mac Edition is an Antivirus software for Mac. The software offers the following features:

  • On-Access Scanning
  • User friendly interface
  • Automatic updates
  • Integrated email protection
  • PowerPC and Intel supported
  • Simple Installation


Prior to even downloading the downloadable installation check over the System Requirements page (http://www.avast.com/mac-edition) to verify that the target system is up to par with what the software supports. The requirements are pretty simple as it works with Intel/PPC processors from Tiger to Snow Leopard. They are quite clear in stating they don’t support anything prior/older.

Post-Installation and Preferences

Avast For Mac Review

After the install avast it presents itself by default; also strangely it brings up Apple Mail (Figure.06); it gets especially odd if Mail isn’t configured (as it wasn’t in this test) already as it appears to continue to bring it up and completely prevents the user from shutting down until it is removed from using email protection from preferences. :/

The Menu Items

The menu items (Figure.08) consist of the Licensing (although it is constantly misspelled throughout and inconsistent to the documentation in the Help);

The avast! Toolbar

This toolbar is what the user is given to control the antivirus with. It sometimes spouts little messages on the lower left hand side without really letting the user know what is happening. (Figure.11) If the use isn’t savvy in computer speak they may be confused further.

The Dock Icon

The dock icon keep track of the malware count (Figure.13) the user gets during a scan, and allows some operability via the icon (as the menu and toolbar).


BSD is short for Black Screen of Death; and that’s what the user gets when they install the default configuration they set them up with. (Figure.15)


“… there are simply too many notes …”: One of my favorite movies is Amadeus, and I never really understood the saying Emperor Joseph II stated until I used this product.


In this section the test machine was removed from the network after the software was updated and removed all USB devices. Please do not try this at home.

Avast For Mac Review 2015 Crack

I thought it found something when I started to unarchive the zip file and turned out the error message wasn’t of something detected it was more the product fumbling on itself (Figure.23). It states to do a bunch of stuff like “report please” and “send the log”; although it doesn’t state how to do it like where the log files are.

Avast Security For Mac Download

… there appears to be some type of latency as the scanner finds the files as they scroll by one at a time in a serial fashion. (Figure.25) The identification of the malware appears to be correct (probably the only pro this product has).

Support FAQ

At the time of this review their front facing site or datasheet doesn’t exactly (or at all) declare what the user gets for the 1–3 year subscription plans that start at 39.95$USD for 1 License. Apparently it is just added to the online cart and bought; after that the user is on their own.

Thoughts and Conclusion

There are free alternatives people! With free alternatives available out there that are superior in form and function I wouldn’t imagine why anyone would buy into this software. In my research and testing I don’t see how a lot of what I found got past their Q&A team. The overall GUI usability; the really odd behavior of its interaction with Mail; the Black Screen of Death on default uninstall; the uninstall and reinstall premature license expiration; the documentation inconsistencies all are the sign of untested software or extremely limited test cases with trite happy paths. I can only imagine an end-user drowning in issue after issue by using this.


1/5 — Unfortunately I’d recommend staying away from this software until they’ve put some time into evolving it. There are far too many anomalies to be considered stable for public consumption (for free or otherwise). If anything it should be stamped as a Beta.

On the Web

Further information, education and 60 day trial version download available at the following link:



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