Free Vpn For Mac Avast

  1. In the Avast program go to Reports and click Open next to the report details you want to view.
  2. In the scan report window right-click and choose Non-scanned.

How to fix problems with sending and receiving e-mail

Free Vpn For Mac Download

  1. Click the Avast Menu bar and select Open Avast
  2. Click Avast, Preferences, and then the lock icon to change your Avast settings
  3. Go to Shields, Mail Shield and click Advanced
  4. Click the General tab and uncheck Enable IPv6

Free Vpn For Mac

How to enable the latest antivirus program updates

  1. In the Avast main screen click Account, Updates.
  2. In the Program section check Use beta channel.
  3. Click Update Now and the latest protection downloads to your computer.
  • Change the popup duration of Warnings, Alerts and Updates.
    Note: promotional popups cannot be disabled on Avast Mac Free Antivirus
  • Change the location that the popup screens appear on your screen
  1. Open the program
  2. Go to the File menu and choose Uninstall
  3. Follow the program wizard steps

Avast Vpn Service

Avast For Mac Free Download




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